How to Setup & Install M.S. Office on Single Click support support

MS Office is one of the most popular packages. Office setup & install is simple if you already have your product key, you don’t even require a CD disk. All you require is only on web. But if you have no office product key, you can buy it online from Office online store. Below is the procedure by which you can do office setup. For any help call our office toll free number for Microsoft Office support.

Enter your Office product key. The product key is in on inside on the card that came which came with your retail purchase or in your confirmation email or Microsoft Account page if you have buy it online.

You can usually recover your key using a free key retrieval program like Product Key if you have already installed Office. Click here “installation support for office setup” for detailed instructions.

Sign in with your Microsoft Account. If you are not having MS Account, you can create for free. This will link Office with your Microsoft Account, which will permit you download once more in the future without entering the key.

In future, you can start the download process again by visiting