Norton Tech Support – Norton Antivirus @ Worm Attack

Initially, here I am going to discuss worm i.e. what a worm is.

The worm is program same replicate itself from system to system, it doesn’t require any kind of host file. Same is differ compare to the virus, which requires the host file to spread the same. Worm generally exist inside of word or excel documents. How many times same will travel from one computer to another computer via email, entire document should be carrying the worm. User requires updating its system before hand by download the antivirus from the site

If antivirus is installed on user system, worm blocking continually scans outgoing email attachments for worms. If same detects any kind of worm, the user receives an alert notifying that a malicious worm was found. Worm blocking alert appears only when user uses the antivirus software, don’t wait further just go to site i.e. setup and download the Norton antivirus. If anti-virus is downloaded, the system will popup the alert along with options and asks which option user want to go ahead with. If the user does not send an email message at that time, then it is probably a worm and user should quarantine the file. Quarantine is the safest option same permanently stops the worm by putting it in security history. When the same register under security history, the worm is unable to spread.

Once the worm has been quarantined, perform the following tasks:

  1. Run live update to ensure that you have the latest definition updates.
  2. Run a full scan on the computer.

At the end of scan about responding to risks detected during a scan, the results summary window provides the scan summary list results. The user can use the threats detected window to resolve any items that were not automatically resolved during the scan. The recommended action section in the security history window displays the action that you should take to resolve the security threat.

Norton Retail Card

Norton Customer Support

Norton Setup with Product Key

If users notice any new kind of worms which Antivirus is not able to resolve then connect with Norton support team under mentioned link i.e. Norton team replies to the user within 48 hours TAT.

Norton Toll Free Number

For more Norton Support visit billow links and getting instant support for all Norton Antivirus issues


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